The Driftless Area Review is moving to Milwaukee!

 the-fonz-milwaukee-united-states+1152_12842279122-tpfil02aw-22437Has the Driftless Area Review jumped the shark?

The Driftless Area Review is moving to Milwaukee!  I’m looking forward to my new position as Senior Editor at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography (CCLaP).  If everything goes to plan, I will take lead on editing a full-length novel for CCLaP by working with an author.  More details to follow.  Unlike previous years, CCLaP has discontinued its slush-pile.  On the plus side, Milwaukee puts me equidistant from Madison and Chicago, an ideal location for cultivating Midwest authors.

I’ll still be reviewing books for the Driftless Area Review, the New York Journal of Books, and The The Poetry Blog.  In order to avoid any ethical mishaps, please read my Statement of Principles.


Valentine’s Day is coming up and The NSFW Files would be perfect if your special someone is a reader and enjoys the occasional foray into dirty literature.  Erotica means a lot more than Fifty Shades of Grey and tame “mom porn.”  Make sure to read my first book, On Being Human, a non-fiction essay collection that seeks to answer the Big Question, “What does it mean to be human?” by looking at examples for pop culture (Battlestar Galactica, Jim Thompson, Warhammer 40K) and high culture (Samuel Beckett, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch).  Each is available in a limited edition handmade version or an inexpensive Kindle version.  You can also download it for free in any version that’s most convenient for you.


I’m also planning to make some appearances in Greater Milwaukee venues, both to promote my book and to seek out hot new writers for CCLaP.  If you think you have a story that will make me jump off my seat in excitement, well … I’ll let you know more specific details.  You can read my previous reviews and you can download almost the entire CCLaP library for free.  I would advise not to write for the market, but reading CCLaP’s previously published works and looking at my reviews should hopefully clarify what we look and whether or not your work would be the best fit for CCLaP.

I’m looking forward to exploring the literary landscape of Milwaukee and being a short jump to Madison.  I have another project in the pipes, but more in the direction of foodies, folkways, and Milwaukee’s immigrant history.  More details on that later.

And remember, the Driftless Area Review is always on the lookout for contributors and Guest Bloggers.  If you’re an author and want to Guest Blog on the Driftless Area Review, let me know.  Send me an email at driftlessareareview @ hotmail . com.

Right now my days consist of putting things in boxes, figuring out what to take to thrift stores, and hoping the weather isn’t too Hoth-like when the moving truck arrives.


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