The new CCLaP 2015 catalog and introducing 2 new imprints!


The Chicago Center for Literature and Photography just published their new catalog for 2015. Not only that, CCLaP will be launching two new imprints this year!  These imprints will be “CCLaP Erotica” and “CCLaP Crime.”  Check out the full catalog listing by clicking here.  Curious?  Intrigued?  If you’re not ready to pay full price for the CCLaP Hypermodern Editions,* there’s the inexpensive Kindle versions, or you can download all these books for free.  It’s a veritable Whitman’s Sampler of high-grade literary craftsmanship, right there at your fingertips.

And to all aspiring (and previously published) authors in the Greater Milwaukee and Madison areas, got a story you might think CCLaP would like?  Send me a message at driftlessareareview @ hotmail . com or nudge me at my Twitter handle @driftlessarearv.  Let’s talk.  Since publishing The NSFW Files, an exploration of erotica, I’m eager to make “CCLaP Erotica” grow and flourish.  My book covered erotica written by everyone from a Nobel laureate to an outsider artist and everything in between.  Ebook publishers churning out “erotic romance” are a dime a dozen.  CCLaP is not one of those presses.  To quote Doctor Horrible, “It’s about standards.”

*This year marks the last year CCLaP will put out the Hypermodern Editions — handmade, hardcover limited edition copies with a print run of 100.  Destined to become collector’s items for the lit-savvy design-conscious bibliophile.

floodhmAfter the Flood, by Ben Tanzer … the last of the Hypermodern Editions.

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