CCLaP Fridays Wednesday: Podcast Dreadful

Every autumn, CCLaP is proud to present another themed anthology featuring the short work of a variety of writers across the US; but this year the center is trying something special, releasing this compilation as a free 12-part serialized audiobook through its popular podcast, every Monday in September, October and November. Entitled “CCLaP’s Podcast Dreadful,” the series has been designed in the fashion of an old Victorian “penny dreadful” publication, including cliffhangers at the end of each chapter and a dark, weird tone throughout. Hosted by Christopher Sullivan and featuring brand-new pieces by Kate Cullan, Jason Fisk, Kevin Haworth, Jacob Knabb, Keith McCleary and Sophia G. Starmack, John Reed, Jason Riley, Jim Ruland, Davis Schneiderman, Ben Tanzer and Karl Wolff, as well as new music by Ken Kase written specifically for this project, it is sure to be just the right ticket for a cold, scary autumn night.

My “podcast dreadful” is called “Dr. Lazarus Faust and the Anarchist Masquerade.”