Blog Update: Shelter in Place II plus 2 “lost” reviews!

Have you been washing your hands? Obeying social distancing guidelines? If not, please do so. Let’s combat this pandemic and then we can get on with the rest of our lives. Anyone else really want to go to a bookstore or a mall or a restaurant?


The lockdown has given me time to update the blog. I have begun the CCLaP review updates, updating nearly a dozen blog entries, including book reviews and essays. I have also updated all my Joe Bob Briggs website book reviews. These include two “lost” book reviews. I categorize them as “lost” because Joe Bob accidentally assigned two people one book. The other case was a review I submitted (I think) and it never went online. (Again, I can’t be too sure on the timeline since it was over a decade ago.) In any case I posted said review.

The reviews will be The Ride of Our Lives, by Mike Leonard (Tuesday) and When Presidents Lie, by Eric Alterman (Thursday). So take a break from streaming Tiger King or whatever and check out these brief book reviews.

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