Blog Update: Shelter in Place Edition

A short update in these challenging times. The rainy weather and Shelter In Place order have conspired to make staying inside the sane choice. Now that everything is closed (except essential services) and COVID-19 ravages the landscape like the Angel of Death, I have started the process of updating my blog.

I have started adding text for my voluminous CCLaP reviews. CCLaP, aka The Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, closed its metaphorical doors a few years ago. At present there are only a handful of CCLaP reviews up. For your reference, I am proceeding from the most recent (2019) backwards. Except for minor changes, the reviews have been preserved as is. The changes would involve any glaring grammatical, editorial, or factual error. (My opinion may or may not have changed, but I do want to correct anything objectively, factually wrong.) In the case of my Legion review, I added a small postscript on how Season 2 is just as awesome as Season 1.

Since I wrote many reviews, this will take some time. My plan involves uploading five to ten CCLaP reviews at a time. So I’m adding “sustainably curated content,” to use the parlance of the time. Since my Day Job is deemed essential and working from home unfeasible, I can’t do this in a month. But look on the bright side, when things are open again you’ll have more books to put on your To Be Read and/or purchased/borrowed from your local bookseller/Amazon/the library.

So stop reading the dour headlines or watching the news and read a book. Not sure which one to choose? Peruse my backlog of reviews, essays, and rambling opinion pieces. Plenty of book recommendations there.

And wash your damn hands!


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