CCLaP Journal #5 is here!


From the CCLaP website, Jason Pettus has this to say about the new issue:

I’m happy to say that the March issue is now finally out (and it only took until April 7th!), 186 pages of ad-free goodness just waiting for your free downloading pleasure. This newest issue features a reprint of a 2012 podcast interview we did with Chicago author Joe Meno; new fiction by Peter Anderson, Matt Rowan, and Alec Moran; an exclusive excerpt from our newest original book, the story collection Death to the Bullshit Artists of South Texas, Vol. 1 by Fernando A. Flores; photo features by Meryl Olah, Jaime Boddorff, Vasya Gavrilov and Lindsey Fast; and the usual reprints of the book reviews we run here at the blog on a daily basis, including looks at new books by Haruki Murakami, William H. Gass, Brian Alan Ellis and a dozen more. Just stop by [] to download the free PDF for yourself; or if you like the tireless work being done here at the website by our critics Travis Fortney, Madeleine Maccar and Karl Wolff, and would like to see them get paid a little money for their efforts, I encourage you to order a copy of the full-color paperback version for only $9.99 plus shipping, again 186 pages and with no ads…

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