Driftless Area Review Metapost

A Thank You, CCLaP, and NYJB

First off, thank you to all the followers of the Driftless Area Review. Those following via email updates, on Twitter, or on Facebook. Thank you, all 222+ of you.

I’m writing this post as a general update on all things Driftless Area Review. Besides writing reviews and essays for the Driftless Area Review, I also write reviews and essays for the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography. This year my themed essays focus on critically re-appraising works of erotica and pornography (The Satyricon, The Story of O, etc.). In addition, my reviewing duties have been increased. Last year, I alternated between writing a review and writing a themed essay every two weeks. CCLaP’s founder Jason Pettus has upped the ante, giving me the opportunity to write one review per week. This means getting a book read enough time in advance to formulate a cogent and interesting book review. Additional reviews means additional material for the monthly CCLaP Journal.

In addition to my reviewing at CCLaP, I also write reviews for the New York Journal of Books (NYJB). Unlike CCLaP, the NYJB has a different system of deadlines. Ideally, I work to get a book finished and the review written 24-hours before the book debuts.

If you have not seen a plethora of original posts on this blog, reviewing at two other websites is a major factor. It’s a process of getting used to rhythm of the new scheduling.

CCLaP Editing Apprenticeship

Jason has also given me the opportunity to participate in the CCLaP Editing Apprenticeship. What does that mean? In addition to reading and reviewing (see above), I’m going through slush pile submissions, giving my input. I’m also one of the many proofreaders who goes over every CCLaP title coming out this year. Finally, I am shadow editing two books (MountainFit and Sad Robot Stories).

“What is shadow editing?”

Shadow editing means I’m observing CCLaP’s editing process. Reading the correspondence between Jason, the specific senior editor assigned to the specific title, and the author. I’m also looking at the several drafts going between all parties and the comprehensive, multi-part editing process.

No Premium Theme

Last year in a similar metapost, I promised a revamp in the look for the Driftless Area Review. That never happened. At present, I don’t see the pay-off, especially as it relates to a theme I’d have to purchase. With notifications being sent out to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and new followers appearing daily, the cost-benefits equation isn’t there.

Back from Hiatus

Essays on Capital, the Art of Reviewing and The Best Sci Fi and Fantasy Movies of the 80s will be back from hiatus. I think I made a similar claim last year and, alas, it didn’t pan out. (I also had a wedding to plan, so my plate was full.) There will be some revisions. I won’t be covering The Dark Crystal for the Best Sci Fi and Fantasy Movies of the 80s. (More on why below.) I’m working on setting up individual pages for each of these themed essay series. I also have to play catch-up with the Book Review Master List. I will also modify the CCLaP page. (Again, more details below.) I will consolidate Essays on Capital, since I’m now reading Capital: Volume 3.

General call for reviewers and essayists

The Driftless Area Review still has an open call for book reviewers and essayists. Interested? Send me an email at driftlessareareview @ hotmail.com

On Being Human book

My book of themed essays, On Being Human, will be published by the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography. Things are still a little nebulous right now, but more details will follow. It will be available for purchase on Amazon.com and as a free download for CCLaP.

Driftless Area Review book of reviews?

A Driftless Area Review book? I’ve thought about it and I’m going to dive in with the project. It will be a compilation of book reviews and essays from 2009 to 2012. More details will follow.

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