TOP THREE: BANGERS: NUMBER 2: “Jesus Built My Hotrod,” by Ministry

Personal, subjective rankings with a short commentary.

(KEΦAΛHΞΘ aka) Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs

Sire (1992)

I must have discovered “Jesus Built My Hotrod” via the Butthole Surfers. In this propulsive, maniacal banger of a song, Surfer’s frotman Gibby Haynes shouts a non-stream of scat/gibberish/something while Ministry assaults the eardrums. The music video is an awesome spectacle of Americana, petrolhead mania, monster trucks, race cars, drag racers, motorcycles, and preachers. A stock footage apocalypse dedicated to the majesty of the piston engine. “Jesus was the Devil, badingadangdoo.”

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