Personal, subjective rankings with a short commentary.



Director: Tim Miller

Year: 2016

Running Time: 108 minutes

My second most favorite 90-minute action movie is Deadpool. A comic book origin story short on running time and jam-packed with jokes, it follows the Merc with the Mouth through his paces. He kicks, punches, and kills anyone in his way on his quest to find Francis (aka Ajax), a mutant impervious to pain. Ryan Reynolds stars in then role he was born to play, alongside TJ Miller and Morena Baccarin. When Wade Wilson (Reynolds), a mercenary living in New York City, receives a cancer diagnosis, he searches high and low for a cure. Ajax (Ed Skrein) offers him a cure … at a price. The Faustian bargain will have dire consequences for all involved.

Car chases, shootouts, Blind Ed, and weapons-grade vulgarity round out this taut, tight action movie. Unlike other Big Two origin movies, it cuts the bloat and leaves the good stuff.

What are some of your favorite action movie? Let us know in the comments.

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