January 2020 Update

What a difference a year makes. I’ll keep this short. Looking over the stats, my blog posts had a serious dip after 2017. In 2016 there were 85 posts, the following year there were 41 posts. But I’ve had a number of personal disruptions, including moving from Minnesota to Wisconsin and dealing with the Covid pandemic. The pandemic has brought, to use a vague term, workplace challenges. Suffice to say, I’ve had to re-prioritize things. The full-time job takes priority, especially now, given the fragile economic state we’re experiencing. The second major priority is not getting Covid. Both these take a toll, since writing reviewing and maintaining a blog take time and energy.

I’ve had this blog for over ten years. I’ve seen great ones come and go, including The Chicago Center for Literature and Photography and The Quarterly Conversation. But I’m committing to preserving my blog and putting out content.

Given it’s the new year, there’s always the habit of making New Year’s Resolutions. I have found those to be as empty and fatuous as a campaign promise. Instead, I’ve given myself a few New Year’s Aspirations.

First, the most generic, is to simply make more posts. This will be a mixture of original content and links to websites where my book reviews appear. (In this case, the New York Journal of Books.)

Second, reduce the backlog. This has been a continuing challenge, mainly because I read faster than I review. Plus life more than often gets in the way with its various demands and whatnot. But this aspiration comes with a caveat. Instead of tackling the mountain of books that require reviews, I will focus on reviewing those books published between 2015 and 2017. A half-decade is too long. Hell, it’s borderline neglect. I want to finish these reviews by this Spring. (But … given today’s circumstances and my personal priorities, if this aspiration isn’t completed, I won’t beat myself up over it.)

Third, more follow-through on projects I began. Beyond the book reviews, I have a number of side projects I began on this blog. I want to push on and/or complete them. I began a series of 80s Sci Fi and Fantasy movies I want to bring back. I also have new projects like my exploration of genre and commentary for movies riffed on by MST 3K and RiffTrax. There are others.

Hopefully I can get more posts up in 2021. Once this pandemic ends, a return to normalcy will help a lot. I can focus more on the blog and feel less like a paranoid hypochondriac. There will also be some Header Bar redecoration once there’s a smooth transition to power and insurrectionist scum are crushed beneath the iron boot of American justice. That’s all I’ll say about that particular issue.

Stay safe. Wear a mask. And report any insurrectionist to the FBI, DHS, or appropriate law enforcement official.

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