Shelter in Place Update: Part Infinity

Finally! I have finished updating the CCLaP reviews for this blog. I used to write book reviews and literary essays for the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography. Since the website went defunct, transferring the reviews and essays on to the Driftless Area Review has been a lengthy tedious process. But it is finally finished and I hope you enjoy reading the reviews and essays.

Are we still dealing with this Covid mess? Ugh, fuck. To those out there not wearing a mask in public places, it’s your fault we are still dealing with Covid. You are deathmongers by proxy. If you’re a white male who refuses to wear a mask because of freedom or it makes you look dumb, well … I suppose you’ll be a handsome corpse. Enough with your idiotic vanity or presumption about human freedom. We’re in a global health crisis, dipshit! Nut up and a wear a mask. Or is personal sacrifice what other people.

You sound pissed off.

Yeah, well, almost 200,000 deaths can make a person a wee tad angry. Not that the recent passing of Supreme Court Justice (and feminist crusader) Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes dealing with this annus horribilis any easier.


You may also have noticed the randomized banners above … and the utter lack of political neutrality. Fuck neutrality at this point. Check your state’s requirements for voting and make sure to GET OUT AND VOTE!!! Not that corrupt state practices, corrupt leaders, and swing state political kickbacks are going to make this awful mess any easier to clean up.


I think I speak for a lot of people in my extreme desire to vote this racist dipshit motherfucker out of office. Evict his punk ass out of office. And abolish the Electoral College! (I know that can’t happen overnight, but keep it mind. This is war, become an abolitionist!) And give Puerto Rico either full statehood or full independence. It still being a territory after more than 100 years is some racist bullshit. Statehood should not pivot on the matter of a territory’s whiteness.


Get angry! Get power! Get things done!

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