Shelter in Place Update III: No Particular Place to Go

Wash your hands! Stay at home! Stay safe! Stop the spread!

What do you mean Applebee’s is CLOSED!!!

A quick update. I’m doing a lot of reading and writing during quarantine. Due to my specific job situation, I alternate between a week of work and a week off. I’m on my week off.

I continue to update the CCLaP reviews. I finished up 2014. The last post I updated was my personal book picks for 2013. I’m closing in on my earliest reviews for CCLaP.

This dovetails into a more long-term goal of having the Driftless Area Review become an online book review archive (with occasional dabbling into TV and film). It would include alphabetized pages to reviews with the primary focus being accessibility and intuitive design. This might be several years in the making, since there are many, many reviews. The challenge would also involve winnowing down the book review backlog, continuing to provide regular content, and constructing the damn thing. On the positive side, I avoid the sunk cash fallacy since I’m doing this as a passion project. I just like reviewing stuff, especially books.

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