#CVG2019: A Smeghead’s Guide to Red Dwarf




Red Dwarf: A Smeghead’s Guide

July 4th

Kendra Skoglund
Erica Madore
Amanda Nerud (moderator)


July 4 – 7
The Hyatt Regency Hotel
1300 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Note: As of this posting, I do not know the room locations for these panels. For CONvergence attendees, check your grid, check the CONvergence 2019 information book, check the app, and/or ask a your friendly nerf herder. Outside each room, usually by the door(s), should be posted a schedule for the day’s panels.

PS: This is my final panel for July 4th.  I had a 5 hour road trip from Milwaukee and 2 previous panels.  Am I still awake?  If not, poke me with a stick.


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