Late June Update / Countdown to CONvergence

Lots of things going on right now. Hey! I’m on four panels at CONvergence 2019:


July 4 – 7
The Hyatt Regency Hotel
1300 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Note: As of this posting, I do not know the room locations for these panels. For CONvergence attendees, check your grid, check the CONvergence 2019 information book, check the app, and/or ask a your friendly nerf herder. Outside each room, usually by the door(s), should be posted a schedule for the day’s panels.

Changing Role of Reviews

July 4th

Aaron Coker from Just Enough Trope
Miss Shannan Paul
philip low (moderator)

Notorious RBG

July 4th

Rena Cummings
Rori Ni Coileain
Suin Swann, legal writer for Thomson Reuters
Kris Coulter (moderator)

Red Dwarf: A Smeghead’s Guide

July 4th

Kendra Skoglund
Erica Madore
Amanda Nerud (moderator)

Is The Handmaid’s Tale Possible?

July 5th

Vincent Hopwood
Kris Coulter
Hertzey Hertz
Laura Bidgood (moderator)

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