Blog Update for October 2017

CCLaP Links Not Working?

Since 2012 I have reviewed books for the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography (CCLaP). Recently CCLaP has moved its website to a new WordPress platform. If you haven’t already, you should check out the New Look.

Unfortunately, during the transition the old links couldn’t be transferred over. What does this mean? I will have to change the links for every book review and related post. This will be a long-term summer project on my end. I ask for your patience and understanding in this matter.

In the mean time I have included a new CCLaP page with a link that will bring you to all my book reviews. I also have links to the books I’ve published with CCLaP and related material like CCLaP’s Podcast Dreadful and the CCLaP Journal. (The links to my books aren’t yet live on the CCLaP site, but you can click on the Amazon links for my ebooks On Being Human and The NSFW Files.)

On Being Human Redux: Legion Posts


I wrote a mini-review about Noah Hawley’s Legion (on FX). I have written a series of five posts on Legion relating to my book On Being Human. “What does it mean to be human?” Legion provides numerous answers to that question. I’ll talk about memory and identity, the villains, and the concept of the self. The posts, like the show, will be a wild, free-associative romp. Stay tuned!

CONvergence 2017



My wife and I went to picturesque Bloomington, MN for four days of geeky fun. Panels, dancing, and cosplay. I participated in on “The Philosophy of Dune.” It was a lively discussion with three other panelists. We talked about issues like identity, politics, revolution, and fate. One prickly notion that led to a spirited argument was whether traits like improvisation and creativity can be bred into a person. The context was God-Emperor Leto II’s plan to stave off impending apocalyptic disaster. Not everyone agreed. What’s your take. Let me know in the comments section below.

The Rum Diaries



Are you one of those people that have had too many rum and cokes in college? I’m one of those people. Too much cheap booze threw me off rum for many, many years. It wasn’t until I took a couple micro-distillery tours in Milwaukee that I came to the realization, “Wow! Not all rum tastes awful!” I used to detest rum, now I don’t. In this series, I’ll give you the lowdown on how that happened.

The Rum Diaries will be a series exploring the history and semantics of this much-maligned spirit. It will be a mix of tasting notes, autobiography, and short book and movie reviews. Bourbon made a comeback in recent years, my money is on rum becoming the Next Big Thing in spirits consumption. I’ve tasted a couple expressions of rum as good as any top-shelf Bourbon or Scotch, but for half the price.

Other Miscellaneous Updates

My other projects include writing the bonus essays for my upcoming book American Odd (CCLaP). I’m also writing a synopsis for my science fiction novel. It’s intensely gratifying to have finished a novel. Now I begin the submission process.

The Driftless Area Review will also have a periodic revamp – choosing a new WordPress theme, etc. – because times change and demands change. What would you like to see with this blog? Let me know in the comments or email me at driftlessareareview @ hotmail . com. You can always comment on Twitter.

Since the beginning, this blog has been a passion project. Most of the time it has been a one-man show. Because of those circumstances, blog updates can be slow. Also complicating matters include my full-time job and other creative side projects. There will be times when long stretches will occur between posts. Suffice to say, things can get re-prioritized and put on the back burner. I only ask for your patience with these revamps and updates.

The Master Book Review List will be retired. It hasn’t been updated in years. It is also tedious, time-consuming work with little payoff. With the ascent of the smartphone, the Driftless Area Review seeks to optimize its content for your viewing pleasure. At this point, the blog has evolved into a content aggregator, providing links to my book reviews at CCLaP and the New York Journal of Books. But more exclusive content is on the way.

But I also plan to revive some old series, including The Art of Reviewing and the Best Sci and Fantasy Movies of the 80s.

I am on Twitter (@driftlessarearv) and Pinterest (Driftlessareareview). Follow me to for photos, links, and more.

The Driftless Area Review thanks each and every one of our followers. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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