CCLaP Fridays Bonus: The Kickstarter Letters, by David David Katzman (not a review)


This is not a review, but more about lending a helping hand to a CCLaP Kickstarter project called The Kickstarter Letters, by David David Katzman.  Here is what CCLaP founder Jason Pettus has to say about the Kickstarter Letters:

What is The Kickstarter Letters?
I funded the entire print run of my second novel, A Greater Monster, through a Kickstarter project.* As a reward, I wrote each of my 128 contributors a stream-of-consciousness email or handwritten letter. This book is a signed & numbered handmade, hardback collection of 52 of those letters.

With only 4 days left and within $75 of reaching their goal, I would strongly encourage people to contribute to this Kickstarter campaign.  There are options in all price ranges.  If you’re looking for an Xmas/holiday present for an artistic friend or relative, this might be what you’re looking for.

NB: Since I work as a staff writer/editor for CCLaP, I have a real stake in this succeeding.  Hence, my utter lack of objective bias in this post.  But faithful readers of this blog also know of my commitment to give shout-outs to artists and writers out there worth getting extra exposure.

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