Podcast Dreadful episode 4: Live at Quimby’s Bookstore (actually a recording)

(As always, click on the above image, scroll down and download the appropriate format.)

Today on the CCLaP Podcast, it’s episode 4 of A Podcast Dreadful, the center’s 12-part serial-fiction audiobook anthology taking place every Monday this autumn. Today’s episode was recorded live this last Friday, September 21st, at Quimby’s Bookstore in Wicker Park, and includes:

“Steamhouse,” part 4 of 12, by Davis Schneiderman: In which we finally see a terrifying example of The System, the augmented-reality machine stolen from foreign interests that is holding together the suburban Chicago post-apocalyptic society where our story takes place;

“The Gothickers,” part 4 of 12, by Keith McCleary and Sophia G. Starmack: In which a harp lesson is endured, a laboratory is defiled, and our Victorian detective siblings learn more about their new case;

“The Preacher Man,” part 1 of 6, by Jason Fisk: In which we are introduced to the small-town crooked minister and the violent man-child who stand at the center of this dark story;

“Dr. Lazarus Faust and the Anarchist Masquerade,” part 4 of 12, by Karl Wolff: In which our famed alchemist and libertine enlists the aid of a Romany friend in his investigation of the murder of a Viennese aristocrat;

and “Bad Penny,” part 4 of 12, by Jacob S. Knabb: In which a young woman does some private snooping into an unsolved murder in early 20th-century rural West Virginia that has captivated her small town.

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