In re Dollhouse Riffs

“Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”

Things get complicated.

Due to the unprecedented awesomeness of Dollhouse, I’ve decided to forgo writing any more Dollhouse Riffs until Season Two concludes.  As you know, dear readers, I avoid writing the usual episode summary.  “This was cool.  This wasn’t cool.”  My essays aim for a more critical and analytical perspective.  Fortunately and unfortunately, the December episodes of Dollhouse have really threw me for a loop.  The reappearance of Alpha, the labyrinthine mindscrew of the Attic (both the episode and as a biotechnological concept), and Adelle’s assembly of a Dollhouse: LA Scooby Gang leave lots for digestion, rumination, and contemplation.

On a related note, I’m also planning to write a longer essay for the Dollhouse Essay Contest. If the essay is not accepted, I’ll post it as a Dollhouse Riff.

Just wanted to keep everyone updated.

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