Guild Musings: Musing #2: Chat channels and wifi

For Better or Worse: The Knights of Good The third episode of The Guild, the plot hinges on Codex’s inability to bring the Knights of Good back together.  Codex (Felicia Day) cautiously and politely asks the Axis of Anarchy (the rival, evil group headed by Wil Wheaton), if they could get Tinkerballa (Amy Okuda) back.  The Axis of Anarchy smell an intruder in their midst and then verbally assault Codex with all manner of f-bombs and snark.  Wil Wheaton snarked at Codex by quoting Ayn Rand.  Considering Rand’s philosophy of utopian selfishness precipitated our current economic unpleasantness, my money is … Continue reading Guild Musings: Musing #2: Chat channels and wifi

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