Submitting material for review


To submit material for review, please send an email to driftlessareareview @ hotmail . com.  I will send you the snail mail address.

My interests reach far and wide, including everything from science fiction to natural history to decorative arts.  All genres are welcome. I will review works published by mainstream publishers, small presses, and self-published / Publish-On-Demand works.  From DIY zines to high-gloss, I will review anything you put in front of me.  I enjoy well-crafted work regardless of the source.

Please take a look at my previous reviews to see if I would be a sensible match to your work.  Reviewing books, TV and web shows and film is all about being surprised, amused, challenged, and comforted.  The most rewarding aspect is sharing these experiences with readers.

For me, reviewing is a passion.  I review at my own speed and at my own discretion.  Between reading books I’m reviewing, reading books for my own pleasure, the day job, and occasionally having interpersonal relationships and going outside when their is sunlight, I’m kept pretty busy.  If you send me a message telling me about your book or show or whatnot, I promise to respond in a prompt manner.

I consider myself a deliberate reviewer. If it is a book, I do not skim the material in order to churn out a review in record time.  That does a disservice to the work.  For me, reviewing is about reading and digesting the book, thinking about it, and then writing a careful thoughtful review.  Even if I didn’t personally like the book, as a reviewer, I feel it is my obligation to direct the appropriate audience to the work.  I will recommend the work to those who would enjoy it.

Unless the work involves Jane Austen and zombies, which shouldn’t be read by anybody.

One thought on “Submitting material for review

  1. I enjoyed your review of Conor Bowman’s THE LAST ESTATE in a way that goes beyond appreciation for your enjoyment of his novel… because it was so well expressed, with a different point of view that the other reviews I’ve seen.

    We only publish 13 or so books a year (for the past 31 years), Conor’s being one of them–mostly quality fiction, and I’d welcome the opportunity to send you advance galleys of our forthcoming novels. One of the joys of publishing is finding people with similar aesthetics, so I’d also like to know who you are and how you got into this blog thing.

    Started my own blog a year and a half ago, and it’s largely been a critique of both the book business and of mainstream critics. I think you’ll appreciate the last few of my monthly postings.

    Hope to hear back from you.


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